5th Anniversary

March 8th 2024
Light + Building Frankfurt


Anastasia ProdromouClementine Fletcher-SmithChizu NaraAgata Izabela TyburskaFlorentina StoianSakina Dugawalla-MoellerCaroline ZimaMagali SuchowolskiBanu ManavGrimanesa AmorósChila Kumari Singh BurmanAlexandra Schremer PayénTippaya PrasertsukMelike OzdenPRACHII SORTE JAGTAPSeyma KilicRegina SantosAideen MaloneMarieke BaxEloise ReedLuciana BorgatelloTamar FrankEmily MonatoChloe KazamiaBarbara HortonYa-Hui ChengNubi León Martínez

“When we talk about women in design, we should not turn it into a minority issue. We need to honour our heroines because unless they are visible, we will not encourage the next generation of female designers.”

Ilse Crawford

WOMEN IN LIGHTING is an inspirational and global digital platform that profiles women working in the field of lighting and lighting design. It aims to promote their passion and achievements, narrate their career path and goals. It aims to celebrate their work and increase the profile of women working in lighting to help encourage, support and inspire the next generation.

WIL has used social activism to highlight and challenge unconscious bias in the industry via a strong social media presence that has built a large following. The project is also supported by individual women in 75+ different countries. Ambassadors for WIL are a driving force for the project and create stand alone local initiatives and partner globally for broader initiatives. They are also a point of contact in each location for anyone seeking to find out more about the project.

Together, the project has evolved to form an international connected community that shares information, support and knowledge.  Alongside the website resource, WIL hosts an international conference annually on the 8th March and has an ongoing awards program to celebrate women in the industry.
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26 Jun 2024:

DARK MATTER Exhibition in Berlin

WHITEvoid, WIL and Ayrton invite you to experience the DARK MATTER Exhibition in Berlin on June 26th at 11 am.Join us for an exclusive backstage tour with WHITEvoid Technical Director & WIL Speaker Natalie HECKL followed by a lunch.DARK MATTER is a parallel cosmos of expansive light installations in which the…
10 April 2024:

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