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10 April 2024:

Ongoing List of Interesting Reads

Newly added: Women in Manufacturing & Dark Sky International
WIL Global Gathering Survey Results
8 March 2024:

WIL Global Gathering Survey Results

WIL launched a survey aiming to examine the lighting profession in the context of the theme of International Women’s Day 2023; Embracing Equity. Here are the results!
9 December 2023:

Women Working in Sales and Manufacturing

131 years. That’s how long it will take us to achieve Gender Parity, according to the World Economic Forum. Gender Parity being the equal contribution of women and men to every dimension of life, both Public and Private.
21 April 2023:

Addressing Harassment & Bullying in Business Meetings

Mahdis Aliasgari share a personal experience, hoping to raise Awareness of Bullying and Harassment at meetings.
Pioneers of Light: a History of Women in Lighting Design
6 April 2022:

Pioneers of Light: a History of Women in Lighting Design

Veteran lighting designers Anne Militello and Beverly Emmons discuss the history of the female pioneers who blazed new trails to create the field of lighting design.
25 March 2022:

Women’s Search for Equity

This presentation by Lauren Dandridge focuses on the delineation of equality and equity and how we can use the past few years as a guide for changing the gender system to allow women to bring more of their whole selves to the workplace.
20 September 2021:


The majority of us in the UK lighting industry believe there is a fair gender balance in our workplaces. Is it true?
Hablando Luz
5 March 2021:

Hablando Luz

Hablando Luz is a podcast by Orquidea Vara and Car Valle.
WIL Russia Brochure
18 February 2021:

WIL Russia Brochure

The WIL Russia group has created a book profiling women working in lighting in Russia.
16 November 2020:

Women’s rights: Are we there yet?

Foteini Kyriakidou on abortion rights
Night-time Traveller
14 October 2020:

Night-time Traveller

Night-time Traveller is an initiative which inquires about those specific needs that afflict us as women.
#SOS Lighting
15 May 2020:

#SOS Lighting

WIL Ambassador Giorgia Brusemini has started a series of mini interviews brilliantly called #SOS Lighting to raise the awareness of the importance of good lighting in our homes.
2 August 2019:

Accidental Feminist

Emilio Hernandez from Nulty on his discovery of being feminist, and some inspirational and easily digestible podcasts and videos.
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