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5 November 2021:

Ongoing List of Interesting Reads

Ongoing list of recommended readings to further the project of Women in Lighting.
Hablando Luz
5 March 2021:

Hablando Luz

Hablando Luz is a podcast by Orquidea Vara and Car Valle.
16 November 2020:

Women’s rights: Are we there yet?

Foteini Kyriakidou on abortion rights
Night-time Traveller
14 October 2020:

Night-time Traveller

Night-time Traveller is an initiative which inquires about those specific needs that afflict us as women.
#SOS Lighting
15 May 2020:

#SOS Lighting

WIL Ambassador Giorgia Brusemini has started a series of mini interviews brilliantly called #SOS Lighting to raise the awareness of the importance of good lighting in our homes.
2 August 2019:

Accidental Feminist

Emilio Hernandez from Nulty on his discovery of being feminist, and some inspirational and easily digestible podcasts and videos.
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