Women in Lighting

Women in Lighting

Surbhi JindalAmy SempleVannapa PimviriyakulRachel ThomsonManju DileepRinnin KositanontKaori EndoEileen PierceCherine SaroufimZerlina HughesSophie ParryMiyoung Song CarrollAnna ZanniGalina KorolkovaCarlijn TimmermansJuliette NielsenTatiana MontoyaRuby JadwetLaura KarapetyanSunyoung HwangNonita SabinCinzia FerraraHelen LoomesPRACHII SORTE JAGTAPSilvia TripsaMari Sakaue KatoEllen Goulmy

“When we talk about women in design, we should not turn it into a minority issue. We need to honour our heroines because unless they are visible, we will not encourage the next generation of female designers.”

Ilse Crawford

WOMEN IN LIGHTING is an inspirational digital platform that profiles women working in the field of lighting and lighting design. It aims to promote their passion and achievements, narrate their career path and goals, celebrate their work and therefore help elevate their profile. It aims to increase the profile of women working in lighting to help encourage, support and inspire the next generation.

The project is supported by individual women in 70+ different countries. The WOMEN IN LIGHTING ambassadors are a point of contact in each location for anyone seeking to find out more about the project.

The project is open to all women working in lighting, covering all fields such as engineering, architecture, art, entertainment, manufacturing, education, research and journalism.

WOMEN IN LIGHTING is not only about gender equity. It's also about inclusivity and how this is beneficial to an industry as a whole.
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20 September 2021:


The majority of us in the UK lighting industry believe there is a fair gender balance in our workplaces. Is it true?
2 September 2021:

2021 WIL Activities

Visit the [d]arc room pop up on 22 Sep to hear the panel discuss Gender Equality in the Lighting Industry.

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