Women in Lighting

T-shirt Design Competition

The T-shirt was originally designed to be a basic undergarment. But over the years, the world’s most ubiquitous fashion item has become a powerful political weapon. T-shirts are a great barometer of social change. They can shock, outrage, unite and challenge the status quo. They can also help to disseminate progressive messages around the world.

With a T-shirt as your canvas, WIL invited you to express your creativity to create a special WIL T-shirt that shared the values of our community. Using the themes of hope, equality, empowerment, inspiration and light, we invited you to submit a design.

Our lovely judges picked their five favourite designs and you have the chance to pick a sixth. The winning designs will be available for purchase via Teemill soon!

Competition Winners

Our judges have deliberated and these are the five competition winners.

Wildcard Vote

The five designs with the next highest scores are shown here so you can pick a sixth winner yourselves. Voting closes on 30th October.

Wildcard Vote

Buy the T-shirts

We have chosen to put the winning designs on a special WIL T-shirt shop (coming soon!) hosted by Teemill so you can buy them for yourself. Check out their commitment to circular production.

Any profits generated by sales of T-shirts via the Teemill shop will go to Light Reach, a solar lighting initiative by lighting think-tank PhoScope, designed to leapfrog over utility grids to light work and play, and to boost the well-being and economic growth of underserved communities worldwide.

Photo: Barrio Mariana de Humacao, Puerto Rico 2019

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