T-shirt Design Competition

The T-shirt was originally designed to be a basic undergarment. But over the years, the world’s most ubiquitous fashion item has become a powerful political weapon. T-shirts are a great barometer of social change. They can shock, outrage, unite and challenge the status quo. They can also help to disseminate progressive messages around the world.

With a T-shirt as your canvas, WIL invited you to express your creativity to create a special WIL T-shirt that shared the values of our community. Using the themes of hope, equality, empowerment, inspiration and light, we invited you to submit a design.

Our lovely judges picked their five favourite designs and you have picked the sixth.

The WIL T-shirt shop is now officially open. You can buy female and male versions of the winning designs from the competition alongside a plain WIL logo T-shirt too.

WIL T-shirt shop

Competition Winners

Our judges have deliberated and these are the five competition winners. The sixth is the winner of the Wildcard Vote.

Buy the T-shirts

We have chosen to put the winning designs on a special WIL T-shirt shop hosted by Teemill so you can buy them for yourself. Check out their commitment to circular production.

Any profits generated by sales of T-shirts via the Teemill shop will go to Light Reach, a solar lighting initiative by lighting think-tank PhoScope, designed to leapfrog over utility grids to light work and play, and to boost the well-being and economic growth of underserved communities worldwide.

WIL T-shirt shop

Photo: Barrio Mariana de Humacao, Puerto Rico 2019

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