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The Women in Lighting Project is committed to extending its membership to all female-identified members of the lighting community, and is further open to women, gender non-conforming and non-binary individuals.

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Whatever part of lighting you work in – design, product, manufacturing, art, research, professional development or education – we are interested in your story.

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For everyone who have contacted us and stated they would like to get involved or help in some way, now is the time. Things you can do to get involved:

  • Sign up for our newsletter, where we send regular updates about the project.
  • Contact your local ambassador for the project and create a real life community.
  • Create a specific event to network in your country.
  • Start a project in your own country.
  • Upload your own interview.
  • Keep up with us on social media (links in footer) and share information. Please share any press on the project as well!
  • Join the online communities and talk to one another. Don’t forget to check the LinkedIn group. Some people are asking the network questions and it would be good to help them out if you can.
  • Tell us about any conferences in your country that we can approach to participate in our 50/50 initiative.
  • Most importantly please tell us what you want to do and how we can help you. We will of course accommodate anything we can on the website. Contact us on [email protected] if you have an idea.

Let’s get this network moving.

WIL Global Network

I have been inspired for many years now, starting during my architectural studies at Bristol University. I selected lighting for my dissertation as I have always been fascinated by how natural light can penetrate a building, how the use of skylight windows articulates this and have a significant effect on the appearance of a building. This led to a study of how, as daylight faded, I could articulate a totally different impression with artificial light. This would sometimes be a total contrast to the downward effect of natural light with uplight. Playing with reflection and direct glazing techniques.

In the 80’s, during my early years in the field, I was one of the first women to choose lighting as a career when hardly anyone was pursuing this. Still to this day, I am in love and continually inspired by this medium. I still will commission schemes until the early hours of the morning to achieve perfection. I still feel that everyday I am so lucky to be inspired by this work.

Sally Storey, Lighting Designer
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