Women in lighting design have somehow broken the glass ceiling in many parts of the world by creating their own destiny, starting their own firms and being recognised for their achievements. With more awareness, communication and mentoring we can continue to educate and support those who still struggle and ensure future generations will continue to succeed in lighting design and other parts of the industry.

Barbara Horton, Lighting Designer

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Events, committees, awards etc who have agreed to try and create a 50/50 gender balance when selecting speakers or juries etc.


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Our male supporters who are committed to gender equality and who are continuously seeking to help us achieve it.


Emilio Hernandez

Nulty / UK
The message of equal representation of women in lighting (and surrounding lighting) has reached me by a number of different media and people. It's become clear to me that the movement has reached a tipping point whereby it just appears to me to be an obvious issue to actively try and help resolve and promote by sharing the great content and arguments for it that already exist.

Matt Waring

arc magazine / UK
I always think of that line from the Peep Show, “I’m a very strong feminist, so I believe women should have whatever mad thing it is they want.” Although it’s intended as a joke, it’s true. It makes no logical sense to define or discriminate anyone based on their gender, or race, or sexuality, or religion. So we should absolutely be doing all we can to make sure that women are given the same opportunities and representation as men. And if initiatives like WIL help to do this and to boost the profile of the wonderful women in this industry, then I’m absolutely all for it. Why wouldn’t you be?

Neil Knowles

Elektra Lighting / UK
Supporting women is not an optional add-on. Its supporting people in their fundamental human rights, its like being opposed to slavery. I never “became” a feminist, I’ve grown up thinking this was normal and it shocks me to find others don’t or to find injustice or inequality. I’m the sort of person who doesn’t stand by and idly witness a racial attack on a train, I stand up and say “No”. (From experience, only do this if you are prepared for everything that could happen). So here I am, standing up and saying no.

Manel Escacena-Chica

M Storydesigners / Spain
I owe my passion for light thanks to Esther Torelló, the WIL ambassador for Spain. Besides having worked with many well-known male lighting designers, I must say that my overall perception of lighting design and the knowledge of all possibilities which light give us within the light art sphere, would not be as complete as they’re now if I hadn’t worked hand to hand with female lighting designers. Women have a special eye to understand the world which is as necessary as males. It’s not about a competition, but to enhance visions together.

Lorenzo de Bragança Tremiterra

formalighting / UAE
Create a world of only men and darkness, and matter is all you’ll ever have. But if you add on light and women, then life, and all that comes with it, becomes possible. As such, and especially within an industry that has the ambitious assignment of illuminating the world on a daily basis, it would be presumptuous not to acknowledge the relevance of women’s input in the act of creation. As a man that was raised by a single mother, and having had a little sister under my watch, this is something that is very personal and dear to me, and I’m happy and proud to see movements like WIL striving.

Jordi Ballesta

Anoche Iluminación Arquitectónica / Spain
Everyone asks me because in our team we are 90% women.
Do not respond, but the reality is that I have the best team in the world!!

Roberto Corradini

Lighting Design Workshop / Italy
I have always been fascinated by intelligence and beauty. I was lucky enough to meet female colleagues who combined these above with a profound sensitivity for the mysteries of light.
As the poet Francesco Petrarca wrote:

“Da lei ti vèn l'amoroso pensero,
che mentre 'l segui al sommo ben t'invia,
pocho prezando quel ch'ogni huom desia;

da lei vien l'animosa leggiadria
ch'al ciel ti scorge per destro sentero,
sí ch'i' vo già de la speranza altero.”

For this reason, I strongly support the WIL project, so that even more female students can become lighting designers and more women could elevate their profile in the lighting designers' community. They deserve to be recognized for their professional merits.

Álvaro Valdecantos

Álvaro Valdecantos Architectural & Lighting Photography / Spain
The world is changing for the better and in a way that is so profound that our own consciousness is changing with it. Is not just about to change the narratives, but feeling and integrating them that allows us to recognize how incomplete and dark is the world without women being present, acknowledged and respected. My life is defined by a strong female energy that is present in every aspect of it, I can’t do anything but unconditionally support WIL.

Matthew Cobham

ERCO / France
As light creates life and reaches out to everyone in an equal way it is the perfect way to promote equality. All my own inspiration comes from people who have managed to push aside, often against the odds, prejudices and not only succeed, but really triumph above the rest.

David Gilbey

I am originally from the theatre, film and TV industry which has always been years ahead in its attitude to inclusion towards talented women, though in all likelihood there are still glass ceilings to break through there. All my career I have been fortunate to work in industries that by and large embrace and support incredibly talented, strong and innovative women and I have joyously worked alongside them. I wholeheartedly support equality in all its forms and stand shoulder to should with my sisters and women in lighting, you have my full support in anything that I can do to champion your cause; and besides, us girls have got to stick together.