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10 Apr 2024 // Interesting Reads

Women in Manufacturing // darc 54 // March 2024

Dark Sky International // Apr 2024

A Survey-driven Approach to Sustainable Design // Alexia Gkika, Rhea Balmforth, Yasmeen Alwakeel // Mar 2024

Gender Equality Survey in the Swiss Lighting Industry// WIL Switzerland // Feb 2024

The Flexible Way to Keep Talent // designing lighting global // Apr 18, 2023

Women in Lighting: See the Light, Feel the Light // Design Insider // Aug 2022

Lauren Dandrige // arc Issue 126 / 2022

Lighting the way for women and girls: a new narrative for lighting design in cities // Arup

Neurological // Lighting Journal February 22: Aviva Gunzburg, a senior designer at NDY Light in Sydney, was invited to share her voice as an Autistic-ADHD designer in the form of an article for the ILP's (WIL Partner) Lighting Journal.

How to be an Ally // arc December/January Issue 125

The Fight for Equality // arc October/November Issue 124

Gender and the Architectural Lighting Design Team; A Study into the Real and Perceived // Julia Aijkens // 2021

Light, visibility and perceived safety: a case study on how light levels and light distribution are related to women’s perceived safety in the urban environment of Stockholm city // Victória  Loureiro Cardoso // 2021

"El lenguaje femenino de la luz (Feminine Language of Light)" // Simon Electric // 2021

Walk with Women: Gendered Perceptions of Safety in Urban Spaces // Leading Cities // 2021

Celebrating the Legacy of Barbara Horton // LytePod // Dec 2020
Part 1: Building a Business & Checking your Ego at the Door
Part 2: Defining Light, How it Works & what it Does
Part 3: The HLB Love Story

Interesting Resources from the Lighting Design Industry // Archifos // 18 July 2020

The Lamp Was a Clue to a Life I Didn’t Know My Mother Had // The New York Times // 15 September 2020

Lean In // International Women’s Day

The 'F' Word // arc October // 15 October 2019

My very first public speaking experience at Darc Room live 2018 // Archifos // 9 September 2019

Architectural Lighting Designer Faye Robinson shares her experiences with Women In Construction UK Magazine and how the construction industry could promote women and other diverse groups // Lapthorn Media LTD // 27 August 2019

Women in Design @Clerkenwell Design Week 2019 // Youtube  // 26 May 2019

A Walk in a Woman’s Shoes: Re-thinking Lighting in Urban Nightscapes // Paper by Aditi Govil, presented at PLDC

A History of WILD Women: Video of presentation at LEDucation 2019 by Women in Lighting + Design // YouTube // 8 Mar 2019

Leading ladies of lighting design // lightform // Last accessed 8 Mar 2019

Pioneering Women of American Architecture: A collection of profiles of 50 women born before 1940 who have made important contributions to American architecture. // Last accessed 8 Mar 2019

Un Cafe con Lara: In each issue, Lara Elbaz chat with a woman Lighting Designer, to talk about her interests, concerns, hopes and motivations. In Spanish. // Last accessed 8 Mar 2019

WiBSE – Women in Building Services Engineering: The WiBSE network aims to support and encourage women joining, working, staying and progressing in the building services industry. // Last accessed 8 Mar 2019

Why Mothers Leave Design (and How to Keep Them) by Emily Klingensmith, Schuler Shook, & Lisa J Reed, Envision Lighting Design // Last accessed 8 Mar 2019

Snubbed, cheated, erased: the scandal of architecture’s invisible women by Oliver Wainwright // The Guardian // 16 Oct 2018

IET Smashing Stereotypes to Bits Campaign: Institution of Engineering and Technology launch new campaign designed to smash stereotypes associated with careers in STEM // YouTube // 21 Jun 2018

International Women’s Day 2018: Interview with Helen Diemer, President of The Lighting Practice  // 8 Mar 2018

A Conversation About Women in Lighting & Design by Lois I. Hutchinson // WestCoast Lighting Insider // 18 Jan 2018

Hidden Figures… Shadowed Illuminators? by Lisa J. Reed // Illuminating Engineering Society // 22 Aug 2017

Lack of diversity within UK's creative industries revealed by Ali Morris // Dezeen // 7 Aug 2017

Profile: Paule Constable // arc Magazine // 18 Feb 2016

Women in Lighting Design: Elizabeth Donoff examines the role of women past, present, and future // Architectural Lighting Magazine // 13 May 2008

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