WIL Awards 2022

We could never have foreseen the devastating impact that Covid would have on all our lives and when we decided to honour all the WIL and WIL supporters who had achieved amazing things during 2020 and the start of 2021, we never imagined that we would still be in a similar global situation in 2022. So, whilst we still applaud everyone in this community who have never stopped dealing with issues caused by the pandemic with regard to our mental health, our work and our private lives and have helped us to remain connected, we have decided to point the WIL Awards in a different direction this year and honour some women in lighting outside the sphere of lighting design.

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”
Unknown (but used publicly recently by Michelle Obama and often attributed to her)

The WIL Awards are like no other. They are specifically to highlight the achievements of the WIL community and its supporters. We want to seek out and celebrate outstanding women in the following categories for 2022: Light Art, Research and Education and Engineering. We want to make these women visible and share them with the world. The project has always looked to include women working in these fields and they are the central focus of the WIL Awards 2022.

Results was announced live on 10 June 2022, 1pm UK time:

This category allows us to celebrate a female artist who always or often works with light, any woman in lighting who has created a light based piece or any women that work as a curator of Light Art.
Education & Research
This category is where you can nominate a woman who is moving our knowledge forward in light and lighting or someone who is a dedicated educator in light.
This category allows us to highlight women who work in engineering. They primarily work with light and their work is necessary for the world we live in.

Judges’ Choice









“All the initiatives that help make visible and value the important role that women play at a professional level must have our recognition. For this reason, we are very fortunate to have the WIL Awards, an interesting project that highlights and gives voice to the extraordinary work that women carry out in an area as creative as lighting design.”

Esther Torello, WIL Awards Panelist
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