WIL Russia Brochure

18 Feb 2021 // Activities, Interesting Reads

WIL Russia Brochure

The WIL Russia group has created a book profiling women working in lighting in Russia.

Each of us came to the light in our own way. Each of us has our own personal history of how we came to light. Some of us are at the beginning of the journey and some of us have a much practical experience. Some of us are learning and some of us are teaching. Some of us work for ourselves, and some of us are building our career in a company. Together we create a community; Womeninlighting in Russia, strengthening and supporting each other on our way.

This brochure is designed to erase the boundaries of communication, to make it easier for us to find each other and to remove boundaries. The time when everyone shut themselves off from the other, fearing competition and theft, is now gone forever. Today we are strong, we are open, and we are ready to cooperate. We are ready to unite and develop the culture of light in Russia.

Together, we are a force. A great force that will create history. The history of light design in Russia. We will create our history. Together.

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