Night-time Traveller

14 Oct 2020 // Interesting Reads

Night-time Traveller

Despite we all dwell and explore cities, many times as women we have felt excluded from the urban night. Faced with this situation, Night-time Traveller was born.

Night-time Traveller is an initiative which inquires about those specific needs that afflict us as women. This initiative seeks to (1) create content related to the current panorama of how do women experience public space at night?; (2) develop didactic tools for urban design from a gender perspective; and (3) open the debate on the role of women in the urban night.

To achieve those goals we need the help of women to gather diverse points of view and to understand how cities are experienced from a gender perspective. For this, we have developed an anonymous survey, to understand how women dwell the urban night in the cities they live and how they experience the urban night when travelling:

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Additionally, the outcomes of the survey are available at to anyone who is interested in this topic, with the aim to help other professionals to raise awareness and/or to have data for making informed decisions related to night-time planning.

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