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Introduce yourself (name, company, position, country) and tell us how you got into lighting design (including education/qualifications).

Elena, I'm 38 years old and I'm French of Serbian origin. My parents came to France in the late 60s.

I grew up in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, where people from all over the world come together. This has contributed to making me the person I am today.

I've had several different careers in my life, and I'm passionate about theatre, having studied at the Cours Florent. I also studied tourism, as well as Modern Literature, because words can be the greatest weapon as well as the most beautiful gift.

It was meeting Milan Bijelic that introduced me to the world of light. We could spend hours and hours studying everything to do with light. We came to the conclusion that we too should, in our own way, make light sparkle in this world.

Tell us about your work – is there a specific type of project you like to work on or an area you specialise in and why?

The project that inspires me most and that I particularly love is the creation of a luminaire, which is very similar to the birth of a child. The decision to embark on this new project, putting everything in place to make it happen in the best possible conditions, then many sleepless nights looking for inspiration. The greatest satisfaction is when, after months of work, the light is there, in front of you, lighting up your world.

What project are you most proud of and why?

The project I'm proud of is the creation of the Fosfens company, I'm proud of having dared to take the risk, to put myself in danger. There have been times when it's been more difficult than others, and as a woman we sometimes feel we have to prove our abilities even more, especially in a world where men are outnumbered. Today I'm proud that we have several lamp models, and above all that I work every day in a field that I love deeply.

What is the biggest challenge that you have overcome in your career?

The biggest challenge for me was creating Fosfens while having children. As a woman who works in the world of light, I don't mind broaching this subject. I've had three children in less than four years, the company being my fourth child. The challenge has been titanic, both emotionally and physically. I've had to make myself available for my family while working 200% and investing in both my personal and professional life. I think it's a lifelong challenge for women who like to invest themselves totally in their project. Women are capable of achieving the impossible.

How does light inspire you?

Light has always inspired me. Many of us are attracted to light, even unconsciously, starting with the butterfly. I've always needed a lot of light around me, almost as a reflex. It has always guided my choices in life, like magic signs. When I met my husband and he suggested that we work together in the light, I saw it as a message from destiny, and I was not mistaken.

Today, light illuminates my life, literally and figuratively. It makes my world sparkle, and I wish it could do the same for others.

What is your message for other Women In Lighting?

I'd like to say to women who work in lighting that they are capable of achieving anything. You must never give up on your dreams, they are all achievable. Sometimes when you're a woman, you have to fight even harder, but that only adds to your merit. I'd also like to talk to women who are not at all involved in the world of lighting, so that they can join us, because a bright world can only be brighter thanks to women.

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Lives in:
Born in:
Co-Founder FOSFENS
Started working with light in:
1st February 2014
As well as being:
Litterature at La Sorbonne
Professional membership:
Manufactures de LUX
Arts & Reading

“The beauty exists only through light and it drives our emotions.”

Selected portfolio:

Vibrate in Blue White Red . 50 years of French know-howCorduroyDesklamp MagicEyeLampadaire MagicEye IIICandlestick - Le Spleen de Paris

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