An Interview with Siegrid Siderius


Siegrid Siderius

The Netherlands // SiSi Lighting Design
Lives in:
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Born in:
South Africa
Bachelor’s Degree – Fine Art, Interior Design
Start of journey:
Offices worked at:
Now works at:
​​​​​​​Sisi Lighting Design
As well as being:
Co-founder of ‘Lichtontwerp Nederland’
Guest lecturer at TU Delft faculty of Interior Design
Professional membership:
IALD Professional Member
Has been awarded:
Dutch Daylight Award, 2018 - Museum Voorlinden
Lighting Design Awards 2016 - Lighting Design Practice of the Year
IES Illumination Awards, 2014 - Silo Middelburg; 2011 - Holland Casino Rotterdam
Playing with light

“Lighting is a great field to work in. The more people we get doing it, the bigger it will become, the more we can do and the more beautiful the world will be.”

Some of Siegrid’s work:

Amsterdam Public Library © Arup _ Michael van OostenHolland Casino Rotterdam © Eric LaignelHolland Casino Rotterdam © Eric LaignelHolland Casino Rotterdam © Eric Laignel

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