An Interview with Olga TU’zova


Olga TU’zova

Designer, Artist, Educator
Lives in:
Milan, Italy
Born in:
Moscow, Russia
Lighting Design (Russia), Master in Lighting Design and LED Technology (Politecnico di Milano), Certificate in Experimental Interaction Design (Tallinn University)
Started working with light in:
Offices worked at: 
Russia, Italy, Ireland, Hong Kong
Now works at: 
Private practice
As well as being:
Lighting design coach in Russia
Professional membership:
Women in Lighting Ambassador in Russia
Has been awarded:
Lighting design installation finalist (Lighting Festival, Gatchina, Russia) 
Light, dance, nature

“When we collaborate, we can make much more.”

Olga is also the WIL Ambassador in Russia.

Some of Olga’s work:

With assistance from Paolo CalafioreWith assistance from Paolo Calafiore

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