Ambassador in Russia

Olga TU'zova & Valery Gorelova

Designer, Artist, Blogger, Educator, Entrepreneur, Publisher, Researcher
Olga TU'zova & Valery Gorelova

Women In Lighting gave me a new target in my life. I was born in the biggest country in the World, and I am proud of it. We have so many talented young women who want to achieve more. In my opinion this project will open doors for new generations. It will allow us to meet other women all over the world, to find new friends, to knock down the walls in our minds, to find opportunities and follow a gorgeous way! Gorgeous way of light!
— Olga TU'zova

Light is always impressive and magical. Women in lighting are the stars in the night skies: shining and leading. WIL is a universe of unique professionals who make the industry grow and move forward. For me, WIL is a great inspiration and an opportunity to create a new reality with this community.
— Valery Gorelova

Light in Native Language: #Свет
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