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2020 was a year like no other. We had to deal with issues that had never come our way before. We worked from home, we home schooled, we were unable to see our friends and our family. We were unable to travel or take holidays. We dealt with illness and the pandemic from our homes. We tried to keep our jobs and our loved ones afloat and also ensure that our mental health didn’t suffer. Some of us are still dealing with the same things in 2021.

But still we rose…

The WIL Awards are like no other. They are specifically to highlight the achievements of the WIL community and its supporters. We want to seek out and celebrate the things you achieved in 2020. They may be large or small but we still want to know and share them with the world. We want you to nominate people that you think did something special in 2020 under the categories of Achievement, Initiatives and Supporters.

Maybe it’s someone who supports you, someone who inspires you, someone new to lighting, someone who had a great idea or started an initiative. Nominees and nominators can be from any gender or gender identity - as long as it fits the ideology of the WIL project. Let’s get these special people some recognition and together, acknowledge their achievements.

Some of our ambassadors have agreed to create a panel to pick out some high achievers, top supporters and favourite initiatives that we can honour in more detail. Tell us who rose above the challenges of 2020 and did something unique. Submit your nomination here. Remember, although we will choose some nominations to honour further, everyone nominated is a winner. If you are nominated you have made a difference in someones life and we celebrate you :-)

Make a Nomination   The Terms

This is the category where you can nominate someone who you think has achieved something amazing in 2020. This can be a big achievement: Have they started their own company? Have they won an award for their work or contribution? Have they achieved excellence in the field of lighting? Have they reached the highest level in their career so far? Have they spread the word of lighting to new places? Or it can be small - have they achieved something seemingly less important but still significant in their lighting journey? Nominate someone to let them know that you choose to celebrate their achievements.
This category allows us to highlight new ideas and initiatives that sit alongside the lighting industry. This is where you can celebrate ideas that push the profession forward or use light to help in the wider community. Nominate a project or an idea that you feel is beneficial to our community as a whole and fits the WIL ideology.
This is where it gets personal. This category is to enable you to give a shout out to those who have helped you in your lives. The person who shares your load to enable you to keep moving forward. Nominate a person that has supported you, their colleagues and friends or someone who gave you a seat at the table, mentored you or someone who really supports the 50/50 ideal in the workplace.

Latest Nominees


Amanda Speight

Management / UK

Amanda boasts almost 40 years of experience in senior roles in the lighting sector and is highly regarded in the industry

Nominated by
Ellie MacDonald


Chiara Carucci

Designer / Sweden+Italy

Chiara has always been supportive, ready to encourage and celebrate my first steps in the lighting design world. She's a giver, a real mentor!

Nominated by
Giorgia Brusemini, Simona Cosentino, Carolina Levy & Elena Volpi


Luna Lighting - Dañiel Luna-Fuller

Designer, Engineer, Management / United States

I am nominating Dañiel Luna-Fuller because she is such a strong woman in the industry. She went from being in military to owning her own lighting design company. And has accomplished so much in her business since it opened.

Nominated by
Eryn Bradburn


Helena Gentili

Designer / Brasil

I've decided to nominee Helena for 2 main reason. First of all for her resilience against professional and life adversity. And secondly, for her abilities as a professional and WIL supporter as well. Both skills that I've always admired.

Nominated by
Giacomo Rossi


David Gilbey

Designer, Educator, Researcher / Italy

David is the essence of real humanity. He always inspires and supports both men and women in the lighting world to truly believe in themselves. He continues to make a positive difference to so many people’s lives.

Nominated by
Karen Owens

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