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A virtual and collaborative light art installation from Sophya Acosta Lighting Design Studio in Argentina and WIL Entertainment supporter, Ayrton:

"50/50 proposes a conceptual approach to the WIL project through a genderless and symmetrical corporeal light. In this light art piece, we addressed the 50/50 concept proposed by WIL, which expresses the search for gender parity and equal working conditions in the lighting industry. As it is in heaven, it is on earth, as it is above, so it is below. This symmetry places us in an infinite space where all parts are essential to generate harmony. The work begins as a prism of light, which will slowly break its original shape to show us its different facets, shapes, and colors.

The intersection between the different beams of light, as WIL does, invites us to create different meeting points. As when all the women lighting designers of the world united, when we are together, we are a solid alliance, only possible from the sum of the unique characteristics of each one, with its particularities and facets. 50/50 is a work that inhabits virtual space as well as physical space.  It is a piece of virtual Light Art to be seen on devices. Although the work is currently designed to generate an audiovisual record for social networks, in the future, it may be physically staged in the future.

The 50/50 staging was designed and created in the Ayrton Digital Lighting demo room in Paris and created specifically to use the MagicBlade-FX luminaire, making the most of its lighting possibilities. The MagicBlade-FX's were placed forming a prism of light from which the different moments of the piece were built. This prism represents the union between the four main actors that take part in the lighting industry: designers, suppliers, collaborators, and clients/audience."

Design: Sophya Acosta and Luciana Suppicich for Sophya Acosta Lighting Design Studio
Control and programming: GrandMA2 Martín Fernandez Paponi
Collaboration: Women in Lighting Argentina, Lía Bianchi.
Luminaire/Execution: MagicBlade-FX by Ayrton Digital Lighting


Pioneers of Light: a History of Women in Lighting Design

In this program, veteran lighting designers Anne Militello and Beverly Emmons discuss the history of the female pioneers who blazed new trails to create the field of lighting design. Learn more about influential designers you have heard about, and discover some you may not have.

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