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Rania Abboud

How long have you been involved in the lighting industry in total?

10.5 years

Have you always been involved in the manufacturing side or have you come from another part of the industry?

I came from a different industry: Food and beverage.

Do you feel that there is a wider diversity in sales, manufacturing and marketing over the last 20 years?

In sales and marketing yes but NOT in manufacturing.

What reasons do you think there are so few women working for manufacturing companies? What obstacles do women come up against?

I personally think it goes back to nurture! The toys that parents buy their children and the jobs that society dictates. Also, let’s not forget that both a majority of male students in a class, program, office or factory can be intimidating. In our product design team we have 2 women in a team of 12 and in our factory 1 women in a team of 52!

In my 10.5 years in the industry I have yet to meet 1 female electrician!

How do you think more women can be encouraged into this side of the lighting industry? What can manufactures do to encourage a diversity of applicants for roles in sales and product development for example?

It can start at a schooling / Uni level and companies can make an effort to hire into gender diversity.

What are the positives of working for a manufacturer?

Pushing the boundaries of optics and design.
Design on a blank canvas without the restrictions of a catalogue.

What are the negatives?

I frankly don’t see any!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Looking forward to being part of a bigger women in lighting community!

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