Women in Lighting

Your Interview Giordana Arcesilai


Giordana Arcesilai

Architect, Educator, Journalist, Product
Lives in:
Bologna, Italy
Born in:
Bologna, Italy
Started working with light in:
Now works at:
My own studio
Professional membership:
Registered with the Architect Association in Bologna - member of APIL - Italian Professional Lighting Designer Association
Light of course!

“To the young girls who want to get into lighting field, I say: ‘If you have got a passion, go on with this!’
Women have a special sensitivity, they pay attention to details; so let’s use this quality positively and constructively.”

Selected portfolio:

San Ruffillo Sluice - Bolognapiazzale Rangoni and rocca Rangoni in Spilamberto (MO)Canals lighting in Comacchio (FE)Cathedral indoor lighting - Troia (FG)Private home - Bologna

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