Your Interview Heike Stuckstedde aka ATARA design


Heike Stuckstedde aka ATARA design

Designer, Artist
Lives in:
Vienna, Austria
Born in:
Wuppertal, Germany
Nearly 10 years experience in doing light art, studies in interior architecture and art history
Started working with light in:
Now works at:
ATARA design
Has been awarded:
Has been awarded: German Design Award 2017, German Design Award Nominee 2018, Rado Star Prize, Phönix Austrian’s Founders Female Entrepreneur Finalist, Born Global Champion 2016
I love art, architecture and design, which I discover in museums, galleries and studios all over the world. Likewise, I am always on the lookout for new materials and techniques, which I love to transform. I gain new impressions and inspiration especially when travelling to foreign countries, that's what I love.

“Follow your heart in what you do and of course always follow the light!”

Selected portfolio:

The Language of Light, ExhibitionLIGHT\TRACE No. 2LIGHT\TRACE No. 7LIGHT\TRACE No. 10 ParkSTONE\LIGHT No. 1 Quarzite

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