WIL Global Gathering 2022

The WIL Global Gathering event is an online event to celebrate International Women’s Day, the 3rd anniversary of the Women In Lighting (WIL) Project and to connect our growing network and community together. The WIL Global Gathering is open to everyone in the lighting community regardless of gender. We invite you all to join us online on 8th March 2022. It features an inspiring selection of sessions themed as follows: Global Light, Global Action, Global Journey and Global Work.

The event is divided into three parts to ensure that we are able to include presentations from around the world and enable participation from different time zones. This will ensure our event is truly global. Please join us for part of the day or all day if you can. There will also be a WIL Social Roulette at the end of each part.

Happy International Women’s Day to you all and a big thank you to all our sponsors and supporters who have made the event possible.

The WIL team


Global Light : Light around the world. We’ve asked 6 lighting designers who all live in different lighting conditions to share their local light with us in a short presentation.

Global Action : Looking at the different initiatives that the lighting community are doing to make the world of light a better, more balanced and more informed place.

Global Journey : Highlighting and delving into the unique lighting journey of an influential and respected member of the lighting community.

Global Work : We are all connected by design, by projects and by the tools and techniques we use. This sections takes a short sharp look at projects around the world.

: 45 minutes of free flowing conversation where you can virtually meet and share your background, inspirations and daily lives with new and old friends in just 3 minutes per conversation. You will be randomly matched to a selection of the other attendees and have 3 minutes to connect, chat and exchange. We really hope that you enter into the spirit of the session, connect with as many people as possible and most of all have fun!

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PART 1: Asia Pacific Zone
6:00AM—9:30AM GMT // Convert time


Introduction Video

Anujna Dyaneshwar

Chattisgarh, India

Anujna Dyaneshwar / Maatimol
My name is Anujna Nutan Dnyaneshwar. I am an architect practicing earthen building in India. My husband and I started this initiative we named Maatimol, which in our language, means worth dust.

We started working together in 2014, on a community radio project in the remote Himalayan hills of Garhwal. It was my first earthen building project, as an assistant to late architect Didi Contractor, who has left behind seminal architectural work of Neo-Vernacular style, a living tradition of artisans and a handful interns, some struggling to document her work and others, trying to explore Neo Vernacular architecture in a diversity of contexts we live in!

At Maatimol, we aspire to create carefully designed earthen buildings that are relevant with the modern lifestyle and responsible in their consumption. We use local, natural materials with techniques that are ancient, but designs that are contemporary. Most of our clients are, although families with urban background are by choice moving into smaller, often off grid homes in villages or wilderness. In other words, people willingly stepping down the ladder of increasing consumption.

My mentor, Didi Contractor, brought light to the darkest of the corners and revealed the beauty of the most humble abodes. And in that lies our inspiration and the reason to build.
Pilasinee Rattarangsi

What’s On – 5 Thai Lights

Pilasinee Rattarangsi / RANGSI ATELIER Co., Ltd.
Pila is a Lighting Architect based in Bangkok. Illuminated and flickering childhood toys first sparked her interest in light, and this interest continued in her years studying Architecture. Her designs present a conversation between light and shadow.

Pila graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture and a Rector Certificate of Honours, then she continued her studies with a Master of Architectural Lighting Design at Hochschule Wismar – University of Applied Sciences, Germany. In 2005, she completed her theatrical and architectural lighting design apprenticeship with Jesper Kongshaug, Scenograferne, Det Kongelige Teater (The Royal Danish Theatre), Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects in Copenhagen, Denmark.

After this she joined White Arkitekter AB in Gothenburg, Sweden before returning to Thailand and continuing to work with light throughout Asia. Currently she is a founder of RANGSI ATELIER; an independent Lighting Architect, Business Development Consultant, Guest Lecturer, Speaker and more…

Pila’s lighting experience in Europe, Asia and Nordic countries has sharpened her ability to merge local culture and modern lighting design in the best possible way.

She is a Registered Architect in Thailand. To share her knowledge, she has been invited to guest lecture at the Assumption University and since 2016 at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Bangkok, Thailand.
Hoa Yang

The effect of urban lighting on perceptions of safety for women and girls in Melbourne, Australia

Hoa Yang / Arup
Hoa Yang is a Senior Lighting Designer at Arup, and PhD candidate at the Department of Art, Design and Architecture, Monash University. Hoa specialises in daylight and experiential lighting design in her role at Arup and has extensive experience in local and international arts and culture, public infrastructure, and urban realm projects. Hoa’s practice brings together 24-hour lighting design with human-centric strategies to transform experiences for minority groups within the built environment. Her current research focuses on the role of technical lighting parameters for positive night-time experiences for intersectional people in public spaces.
Jett Blyth and Light Collective


Jett Blyth and Light Collective / Blyth Electrical
Jett Blyth was born in Melbourne, Australia and is an electrician, co-owning an electrical business (Blyth Electrical) with her husband, specialising in luxury high-end homes and town houses. Besides being a mum to a one-year-old boy and a 2-year-old girl she is also on call to work nights doing electrical safety maintenance for a separate company. Before becoming an electrician Jett worked as a flight attendant and became a qualified chef simultaneously. Jett became interested in working in the trades at a young age as her father worked in home maintenance and she helped out often but was discouraged to pursue a career as she was told “women do not get hired in trades, therefore there was no future for her”.

Starting out and pursuing a career in electrical, Jett started working in commercial and then moving into industrial and domestic electrical.

In her spare time Jett is mostly with her family and is the singer of a classic rock cover band and a singer of a Motley Crue tribute band (Looks That Kill) and enjoys writing, singing and producing music.


Aviva Gunzburg

“of Space, People & Light”

Aviva Gunzburg / NDYLight
With a background in industrial design, Aviva has developed her technical and spatial skills in the building services environment. Working as a multi-discipline design drafter for several years, Aviva developed a solid understanding about how buildings work and services are coordinated.

Aviva is passionate about lighting design and believes that a well-designed lighting scheme will enhance a space, providing energy efficiency, and improving end user experience. She leans towards a luminance-based approach to design, tempered with a lighting ergonomics philosophy and seeks to create spaces which promote a sense of comfort and safety.

Using her technical knowledge and collaborating with the designer, Aviva creates environments where light is key but light fittings are not. She has had the privilege to work as an independent lighting designer within large building services companies her entire career. This as given her experience in a diverse variety of design projects including commercial, healthcare, hospitality, retail and domestic lighting as well as landscape, area, sports, road and railway lighting.
Otto Ng

Transforming Architecture

Otto Ng / LAAB architects
Otto Ng is Cofounder and Design Director of LAAB — a laboratory for Art & Architecture dedicated to spatial innovations. Under his leadership, the team has designed for K11 MUSEA, Leica stores, f22 foto space, M+ Museum Restaurants, and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Based in Hong Kong, LAAB has received recognitions from global design communities, including the Architizer A+ Award, Archdaily TOP 100, and Japan Good Design Award BEST 100. In 2020, LAAB was awarded the Design Studio of the Year by the INDE Awards and featured as the Next Progressives by the Architect Magazine.

Otto graduated from MIT, and worked in the US, UK and Italy, prior to cofounding LAAB. An innovator at heart — Otto was honored among TATLER Asia’s Most Influential in 2021, remarking on how he pioneers the architecture of the future.
Alberto Sanchez, Jerry Yu, Pascal Krepel

Spanish passion, German Precision and Chinese Efficiency: an exceptional vision

Alberto Sanchez, Jerry Yu, Pascal Krepel / Sky NOA
SKY NOA is an ambitious young practice, pioneer-thinking for something new.

The Studio was established in 2018 in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Founding it on the basis of ‘not only architecture’ but with the idea of promoting space for creative minds of all areas. Providing a platform for people to share, develop and grow personally and as a community. It is the aim to work alongside like-minded people and clients embarking a strong connection and new projects.

The three founders are a collaboration of three different cultural backgrounds bringing together a vision of cross boarder encounters:

‘Spanish Passion,
German Precision and
Chinese Efficiency.’

The practice disciplines itself include not only architecture, retail space, work space, private residential and furniture design, but go beyond other disciplines with international experience in design, construction and procurement, from small to big scale.

The practice founders are consisting of Alberto Sanchez, Pascal Krepel and Jerry Yu. Together we share rich backgrounds with more than 10 years experiences in China and across Asia. 

We have worked in the fields of architecture, interior design, procurement and sourcing, especially in context of retail but get involved in a weirdly wonderful mix of other creative challenges.

With creating this practice our aim is to work alongside like-minded people and clients;

‘Creating exceptional visions – together!’

We love combining ideas and thoughts, getting them out onto paper, seeing them come to life and eventually becoming real spaces. Spaces we can walk through and experience, making habitants or respectively visitors smile and feel good. 
Chanyaporn Bstieler

Cultural aspects of lighting design

Chanyaporn Bstieler / Inverse Lighting
Chanyaporn is a lighting designer, educator, and researcher with a keen interest in the relationship between light, people, and culture. She received a Ph.D. in Architecture (Light & Lighting) from University College London. She is currently an assistant professor, a Chair Program of the MSc. in Design and Planning (Major in Lighting Design), and the Director of Lighting Research and Innovation Centre at the King Mongkut’s University of Technology, Thailand. She also contributes to the professional master’s degree in Lighting Design and Management, Wismar University of Applied Science, Germany.

In addition to teaching, Chanyaporn has directed significant interior and urban lighting research projects, collaborating with local and international institutions and industry partners. Her research focuses on the human factors and cultural differences in lighting design and innovation. She has also served as a committee of the Thai lighting association, which developed national lighting design guidelines.

Professionally, she is the Managing Director of Inverse Lighting Design (Bangkok), an award-winning lighting practice with offices in Bangkok, Hong Kong, and London. She also plays a vital role in promoting lighting best practices for design professionals in Thailand and ASEAN region through seminars and workshops.
Noriko Higashi

The Lighting Detectives

Noriko Higashi / Lighting Planners Associates
Born in Kumamoto Prefecture, Noriko Higashi received a Bachelor Degree of East Asian Studies from University of California, Los Angeles. She joined LPA in 2010 as a secretary of Principal Kaoru Mende.
While supporting his business, she is also in charge of LPA’s publicity so that the completed projects and activities of LPA are to be press-agented widely. She focuses on Lighting Detectives administration and planning, as well as Lighting Detectives’ events that take place at home and abroad. She is an affiliate member of International Association of Lighting Designers.

Global Roulette

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PART 2: Europe / Middle East / Africa Zone
11:00AM—2:30PM GMT // Convert time


Introduction Video

Malcolm Innes

Shetland: a tale of light at 60° North

Malcolm Innes / Centre for Island Creativity
Malcolm Innes has been working professionally with light since 1991 when he began working with Kevan Shaw Lighting Design. He also spent seven years working with Speirs and Major as associate and then associate director before setting up his own light art and lighting design practice in 2004. Malcolm now combines his love of light with a career in academia. Having established the UK’s first design led masters in lighting design at Edinburgh Napier University, he is now based in Shetland and is Director of the Centre for Island Creativity at the University of the Highlands and Islands.
Even with very varied academic responsibilities, lighting is still at the heart of what he does and light art remains a key part of Malcolm’s output, both in private practice and through university based research and public engagement projects. Recent work includes community co-design work to transform pedestrian routes in Edinburgh’s World Heritage Site through light, projection and sculptural interventions. Malcolm also continues his research and practice in the intricacies of conservation lighting and is an invited member of the IES Museum and Gallery Lighting Committee.
Manal Kahale


Manal Kahale / Lights for Lebanon
Raised in Lebanon during the post-civil war reconstruction era, Manal witnessed both the consistent failures that the country’s sectarian leaders demonstrated, as well as the resilience of the Lebanese people who longed for a better living condition. This motivated her to pursue a degree in landscape architecture at the American University of Beirut before coupling it with a master’s degree in Lighting Design from Parsons. These credentials allowed her to secure a position in the reputed team of HLB.

With the conditions in Lebanon largely kept the same, she decided to move back and work as a freelance lighting designer while putting her knowledge to use in solving an issue that haunted the country like a spectre: The absence of light at night.

The situation deteriorated even more when less than a year later, the biggest nonnuclear explosion occurred in Beirut’s port. However, the people, stood up and banded together and this time Manal decided to be one of them. She founded Light for Lebanon, under the US based Light Reach Program, a civil movement that aims to secure solar powered light to the families and streets ravaged by the explosion, all while trying to bring the beautiful sense of community the country is so famous for.

Resilience happens when the people can see the light at the end of the tunnel, so what will they be capable of if we bring the light closer to them?
Neil Knowles

How to be an Ally

Neil Knowles / Elektra Lighting
After university (Theoretical Physics and Philosophy) Neil moved to London and started his career as a services engineer. Quickly realising that the only element offering scope for real design input was lighting, he focussed on this. After a short stint at other lighting consultancies, Neil took the opportunity to set up Elektra in 2000. It has grown organically and now has 12 staff, and an enviable portfolio and client list.

Neil lives in Walthamstow with his partner and 2 delightful children, where he spends his weekends doing a lot of sports including running, swimming, karate, kickboxing, table tennis and more.
Nishi Shah


Nishi Shah / Lighting Design International
Before joining Lighting Design International in 1996, Nishi studied Architectural Engineering at Leeds University. After a few years of working as a Structural Engineer and gaining valuable insight into London’s building industry, she turned her attention to architectural lighting design after being accepted to the Bartlett School of Graduate Studies at UCL, where she was awarded a MSc in Architecture: Light and Lighting.
For over 25 years, she has worked her way up through the ranks, seeing the company more than quadruple in size and change from a small studio in a little-known profession, to one of the foremost lighting design consultancies in the world.
Nishi has designed numerous award-winning schemes in the UK and abroad. As a team leader and now a Design Director, she has nurtured the talents of many designers over the years and has enjoyed working on a variety of prestigious projects ranging from Resort Hotels and Office Developments to Spas and Private Residences. Her experience working on some of LDI’s largest projects has been crucial in achieving excellence, helping to secure their leading status in the industry. Her extensive portfolio includes One Hyde Park, Heckfield Place, Ham Yard Hotel to name a few.


Melissa Mak

Experience Design in Lighting

Melissa Mak / Arup
Melissa Mak is a senior lighting designer within Arup’s London Lighting Studio. She has a Master’s degree in architectural lighting at University College London.

To her, light is an indispensable design element and it has a magic to transcending and transforming the space to a different dimension and perception. She has been promoting Sustainable Development from wellbeing perspective, focusing on lighting connection with human emotions.

Melissa has completed many international lighting design projects across a wide range of business sectors; commercial buildings, education buildings, museums, landscape, public realm and lighting master planning. Projects including The Shard in London, London Bridge Quarter, Sainsbury Laboratory in Cambridge, Stonecutters Bridge in Hong Kong, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies, Doha. Apart from this, Melissa also plays an active role in fostering creative design culture within lighting team in Arup.

She is passionate about nature and fascinated by the design of creation. She often draws inspiration from it to fuel her design creativity. She has taken diploma course at Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) in London focused on Plant Growth and Development. This has provided her a better understanding about the relationship between plant and light. Melissa strongly believes that designer has an important role to play to shape a better environment- with the aim to achieving a harmony and symbiosis of man and nature.
Stéphanie Daniel

Rodin muséum or invisible artificial light

Stéphanie Daniel / Agence Stéphanie Daniel
After graduating from the École du Théâtre National de Strasbourg in 1989, Stéphanie Daniel has been a committed lighting designer.

She has specialised in museographic lighting since 2000: Musée Rodin, Musée Grévin, Musée des Beaux-arts de Orléans, de Pont-Aven, Kourou’s space center, whilst also being involved in lighting for live performance; theatre, opera and dance, working with recognised stage directors; Stanislas Nordey, Denis Podalydés, Zabou Breitman, and Martine Wijckaert.

With more than 280 productions and over 25 years of experience, she is used to working in a variety of environments and enjoys creating in different universes using light as a tool and a source for emotion. She was honoured in 2007 with the French award “le Molière” as the best lighting designer for “Cyrano de Bergerac” directed by Denis Podalydès at the theater La Comédie-Française.

The quote “Why something instead of nothing” from Leibniz is her leitmotif.
Paula Rainha

Light where the sun sets last

Paula Rainha / Filamento
Paula is a trained Architect who, after finishing her M.Sc. in Light & Lighting in 2005, has embraced the architectural lighting design profession full on.
She lived in London for 5 years, where she had the chance to work with great lighting teams and be a part of a strong lighting community in the UK.
Since she moved back to Portugal, more than 10 years ago, and lacking this professional and inspiring community, Paula has been raising awareness of the profession and the impact of lighting on the built environment amongst students, architects, engineers and clients. In 2014, she founded Synapse, an independent lighting consultancy. In 2020, Synapse merged into the new practice Filamento, joining forces with Joana Mendo. Filamento is currently working with several high-profile architects and clients on various projects from the urban to the residential scale.
Paula is also the Women In Lighting project ambassador for Portugal.
Regina Santos

A Light Journey in Bright Sunny Middle East – Light Insights and Case Studies

Regina Santos / Light Fusion
Regina Santos is the Founder & Design Director of Light Fusion, with a vast experience in lighting projects in the Middle East, her background comes from being a product designer (BA), architect and urban planner (BSc) and specialized in lighting from a master’s in science in architectural lighting design from KTH (MSc), she is a Member of the Society of Light and Lighting (MSLL) and Member of the Illuminating Engineering Society (MIES). Regina has worked for nearly 12 years in Dubai, having several distinguished lighting design projects developed in the region along the years, from hospitality to educational, commercial, high-end residential, clinics and healthcare projects, amongst which the New York University in Abu Dhabi, the DEWA Solar Innovation Center, the Warner Bros Hotel, to mention a few, she is also a speaker at multiple conferences and panel discussions, and author of lighting articles.
Raquel Rosildete and Katia Kolovea (WIL)

Colors in between: The poetics of dark skin

Raquel Rosildete and Katia Kolovea (WIL) / colours inbetween
Raquel Rosildete is a lighting designer that develops projects for theatre and architecture, pursuing visual narratives both when designing light for space and for stage.

In theatre, she develops concepts through time and spaces using light as an instrument, transforming them into other spaces or even into characters inside one narrative. In architecture she transforms the fantastic into reality and composes lighting for a subject that inhabits the space in the most unexpected ways.

She has studied in Brasília (Universidade de Brasília), Barcelona (Instituto Europeo di Diseño) and Copenhagen (Aalborg University). Now she is a Berlin based artist and has worked with architecture lighting in offices like Lichtvision, Buro Happold and currently with iart in Switzerland.

In theatre she has toured in dozens of Brazilian cities with different plays and exhibition projects. In Berlin she works mostly with decolonial and anti racist thematics, in spaces like Ballhaus Naunynstraße, Ufer Studios, HAU, Gropious Bau, Delphi, Sophiensaele among others.

Her labour grounds the research of the places in between theatre and architecture, art and technical knowledge, nature and culture, tangible and non tangible. She is a visual storyteller and brings light to people, their bodies, stories and spaces from thoughts to life.

Global Roulette

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Introduction Video

Claudia Kappl-Joy

Under the Same Sky – Observations of light and dark in the Sonoran Desert

Claudia Kappl-Joy / CLL  Concept Lighting Lab
Claudia is co-founder, creative and managing director of CLL . Concept Lighting Lab, a 6 people architectural lighting design studio focusing on conceptual architectural and landscape lighting solutions that are integral to the project’s language.

The collaborative practice is grounded in attentive observation, continuous listening, accurate analysis and experience in responding to constraints and opportunities. Finding the right balance, both in the design response itself as well as the adequacy of means are founding principles. The award winning project portfolio includes includes economical and boutique lighting solutions for public, cultural, commercial, hospitality, retail and high-end residential projects in the U.S. and abroad.

Claudia is a Certified Lighting Designer (CLD) and a member of Women in Lighting (WIL), the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) and the Illuminating Engineering Society (MIES). An adjunct lecturer at the College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture (CAPLA) at the University of Arizona (UofA), she is part of the immersive [Meta]physics of Light course for the undergraduate program. Additionally, she participates in workshops, co-chairs juries and regularly attends reviews at various design schools within the United States and abroad.
Claudia Kappl-Joy holds a Master in Architecture MSc (TU Graz, Austria) and a Master in Architectural Lighting Design MSc (KTH Stockholm, Sweden) and has lived and worked in both fields in Austria, the U.K. and Sweden. Since 2007 she calls Tucson home and work base.

Her fascination with the ephemeral quality of light and its interplay with space results in the continuous search for “atmosphere” in design, through collaboration and interaction with light.
Diana Joels

My light world

Diana Joels / Concepdual
Diana Joels graduated in Architecture and Urban Planning and focused her career in lighting design, having more than 20 years fof experience.
Became an educator at the Lighting Laboratory at KTH, in Sweden, where besides teaching, she was Master theses coordinator.
In this same institution, acquired her own master degree in 2006, after 5 years working with lighting in interior spaces in Rio de Janeiro, her home town.
After completing her master studies, she worked at the award winning artec studio, in Barcelona, initially as lighting designer and then as lighting department coordinator, participating in large scale international projects.
Back in Brazil, started her own practice concepDUAL, working both with lighting design projects, design methodology consultancies and educational activities.
Works in collaboration with lighting designers colleagues and practices in Brazil and abroad, both for the development of specific projects as well as design process facilitator.
In 2020 started Light Drops, in partnership with Paula Carnelós: a project focused on experiential learning experiences about light. In 2021, Light Drops was co-creator of the LED Forum program.
Board of AsBAI, the Brazilian association of lighting architects between 2013 and 2019, being responsible for the educational area between 2016 and 2019.
In 2019, was awarded in the 40under40 - Lighting Design Awards.
Responsible for the lighting design area of the Instituto Europeo di Design in Rio.
Guest lecturer and thesis tutor at KTH.
Professional member of AsBAI. Educator Member of APDI, Spain. Enthusiastic collaborator of Women in Lighting Brasil.
Splits her daily life between the urban jungle in Rio and the direct contact with the earth at the farm. Considers herself an activist of natural and essential light.
Leela Shankar

Owning It. Circular Economy and Embodied Carbon Impact by Design.

Leela Shankar / Borealis Lighting Studio
Leela Shanker is a New York-based lighting designer with Borealis Lighting Studio. Through the GreenLight Alliance (GLA) – an international network of lighting professionals progressing industry-led standards, research and advocacy for circular lighting design principles – she initiated a pilot study with North American and European manufacturers and designers investigating global harmonisation of the lighting industry’s approach to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Her work with the AIA’s Committee on the Environment (COTE) and Carbon Leadership Forum New York chapter addresses lighting-specific issues related to Embodied Carbon and LCA. 

In 2021, the Flint Collective NYC, a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation she founded to enhance the experience of public space through light, was recognised with a Lumen Award Special Citation for Lighting as a Tool for Social Impact by the Illuminating Engineering Society NYC.

Leela holds a Master of Architecture (Hons) and Master of Fine Arts – Lighting Design from Parsons School of Design and a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Sydney. She has been published on industry platforms including Dezeen, Designing Lighting and illumni, presented at industry events including LEDucation, Walk Bike Places and IES Meet the Moment Series, guest lectured at Parsons School of Design and Syracuse University, and is an active member of the DLFNY, IALD, IES, and AIA.
Paul Gregory and Light Collective


Paul Gregory and Light Collective / Focus Lighting
Paul Gregory is the founder and president of Focus Lighting, Inc. of New York City. He has spent the last 35 years revealing and highlighting architecture by “painting pictures with light.” Gregory has been awarded multiple Lumen Awards, IALD Waterbury, ASID Awards, Lighting Dimensions International’s “Lighting Designer of the Year” Award, and induction into Architectural Lighting Magazine’s Hall of Fame. His projects have been featured in the Architectural Record, Metropolis, Interior Design, Architecture & Light, Hospitality Design, LD+A, and the New York Times.
Paul’s designs reflect the belief that a sense of drama and theatre is inherent in successful architectural projects. The primary goal is to ensure that when a patron enters a showroom, hotel, or restaurant, or when a passerby first looks at a lit façade at night, the initial impact is as stunning and memorable as the moment the curtain rises on a Broadway stage.


Emily Bornt

Utilising Technology in the Process of Preproduction

Emily Bornt / Lighting Entertainment and Production Services
Emily Bornt is a lighting designer, originally based in New York. Her early career includes an internship at the NY State Theatre Institute, a year studying fashion design at FIT, earning her BFA in theatrical design from Adelphi, and gaining membership in IATSE all by the age of 23. At 27 she started her career in concert touring as a lighting technician, learning from the designers she was supporting. Over the next few years Emily found herself working with larger clients and productions, taking on more responsibilities and building her knowledge base.

Emily took advantage of every opportunity to learn programming and drafting, and began operating and designing for smaller projects. In her early 30’s Emily moved to Los Angeles and started her own design company. Since then she has had the opportunity to travel the world programming and operating lights for concerts, live television, game shows, corporate events, AR/XR Broadcasts, installs, and immersive experiences. Her experience crosses over into video and scenic, utilizing different types of software and technology for preproduction and implementation.

While Emily provides mentorship to younger aspiring designers and students, she also runs a Facebook group for those who have the “non-male” experience in the entertainment industry. This group offers support, work opportunities, and sense of community for those who may not have access to inclusive work environments.
Patricia Bernal

A Perspective from Another Lighting Industry

Patricia Bernal / Because of Light
Patricia Bernal is an Architect from Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Mexico with a Masters degree in Architectural Lighting Design from Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. She began her experience as a lighting designer in Madrid working for Viabizzuno and then on her return to Mexico, she was fortunate to work for 3 years with Víctor Palacio at Ideas en Luz. She also completed courses in the Lighting Specialty in Universidad Iberoamericana and one module of the Lighting Specialty in UNAM. She has worked in the Theatrical and TV Lighting Industry and was the Project manager for the company Grupo Lighting where she designed lighting systems for many venues around the country and introducing LED technology for some of them for the first time. She has experience in DMX controls, rigging and all the systems involved in this kind of venues. She currently has her own lighting design studio called “Because of Light” based in Mexico City.
Priscila Pacheco

Belezas Apagadas

Priscila Pacheco / Kûara Design
Priscila Pacheco is a Brazilian urbanist architect who graduated in Lighting Design in Chile and has been working with lighting for over 8 years. During this time, she worked in offices in Chile, Brazil and Portugal, having had experiences with architectural, public and artistic lighting. She is currently taking a master’s degree in art and Design for the Public Space in Portugal, focusing her investigation on how the light can act as an art tool in the activation of affective memory in the Public Space, and maintains her work in Brazil through her company, Kûara Design.
Antonia Peón-Veiga


Antonia Peón-Veiga / Antonia Peón-Veiga
Master in Architectural Lighting Design from Parsons, The New School for Design New York (2010), with financing from the Chilean Scholarship. In 2006 she graduated as an architect from the PUC Santiago, after which she worked at Smiljan Radic’s office in Santiago, 2007–2008, collaborating for the Viña Vik Millahue project.

She received the award for best Master’s thesis with Drawing Light, processing the lit environment, where she explores the graphic representation of light and lighting design. She obtains the Richard Kelly Grant 2010 to continue with the research of hers Master’s thesis and publish it. Finalist in 2010 of the Targetti Light Art Award with the piece Facing the Technique, where she explores the physical detail of different lighting technologies through the use of magnifying glasses. Finalist in 2019 of the LAMP Awards international prize with the lighting project of the Biobío Regional Theater and DARC Awards shortlisted with the Sonic Affects project.

In 2010 and 2011, she worked at Tillotson Design Associates office in New York, participating in projects with offices such as SANAA, Diller Scofidio and Renfro, OMA, KPF and SHoP.

She has lived in Santiago since 2012, the year in which she developed the lighting for the Biobío Regional Theater, a MOP contest awarded to the office of Smiljan Radic. At the same time, she works as an independent architect and has designed the lighting for dance productions such as Nosotres (2012), Rito de Primavera (2013), Popsong (2014), Acapela (2015), Gong (2016), Oropel (2016), Null (2016), Violeta (2017), Sonic Affects (2018), Landscape Dance (2019-2021), Hammam (2019-2021) as well as Locutorio (2017) in theater.

Co-founder in 2013 of EstudioPAR, architectural lighting office. In 2019, she founded an office under her name.
Jane Slade

Starving for darkness

Jane Slade / Speclines/Anatomy of Night
Jane Slade, MID, LC, IES is the Specification Sales Manager for Speclines in Massachusetts, a lighting manufacturer’s representative agency specializing in public outdoor lighting through an interdisciplinary approach of blending design, science and the latest technology. She is a lighting educator and researcher at Anatomy of Night, researching the many ways in which light impacts our environment, human health, wildlife, biodiversity, and interdependence. Jane is the host of the podcast Starving for Darkness where these impacts are also discussed. Jane Slade is a Richard Kelly Grant recipient for explorations into the social and emotional impacts of light and lighting, through her work in creating lighting fixtures from waste materials in India, and through art installations focused on manipulating emotional experiences with light and color. She is a member of the IES Committee for Outdoor Environmental Lighting, the IES Progress Committee, a contributor to LD+A on the topic of Wildlife, and is currently writing a book about the natural daylight cycle. In her spare time, she is a yoga teacher.

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