WIL in Lockdown

These mini interviews are a snapshot in time. They are trying to capture a small part of the Covid experience from WIL supporters all over the world. You can also listen to the uplifting and eclectic playlist generated by the participants.

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Carmela Dagnello


Carmela Dagnello

4 June 2020

London, United Kingdom

Mika, Take It Easy

5 words to describe your lockdown experience
Change of direction
What are your hopes for the future?
I hope we could all go back soon to smile and hug each other again.
Your best read/Netflix binge during lockdown?
The Good Place on Netflix. If you think bad people can't go to heaven, that's for you! :D

“We’re all under the same sky and walk the same earth; we’re alive together during the same moment.”

Maxine Hong Kingston, ‘The Woman Warrior’


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