An Interview with Juliette Nielsen


Juliette Nielsen

The Netherlands // BeersNielsen
Lives in:
The Netherlands
Born in:
Bachelor’s Degree - Interior Design
Start of journey:
Offices worked at:
Hollands Licht, Atelier LEK
Now works at:
Beersnielsen Lighting Designers
As well as being:
Guest lecturer at TU Delft faculty of architecture
Professional membership:
IALD Professional member
Has been awarded:
iF award, Frame award, GE Edison Award
To make life just a little bit nicer for people through lighting.

Create an environment where you can do the things you love… it’s quite difficult but sometimes you have to say goodbye to the things that are comfortable and just dive into the deep and search out what you really like.”

Some of Juliette’s work:

Metro Oostlijn-Amsterdam-DigidaanRadar Globe-Den Helder-BeersnielsenThe Rijksmuseum. Photo by Juliette NielsenPhilips HQ-Eindhoven-Tree of light. Photo by Jonathan Graham

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