An Interview with Carlijn Timmermans


Carlijn Timmermans

The Netherlands // C.Light.Wise
Lives in:
The Netherlands
Born in:
The Netherlands
Bachelors’ degree – Spatial Design / Interior Architecture/Utrecht
Masters’ degree – Architectural Lighting and Design Management/Wismar
Start of journey:
Offices worked at:
Philips, Lichtvormgevers
Now works at:
As well as being:
Coach and jury member Light Challenge NL, exploring options for further research in the domain of Light Poverty
Has been awarded:
40 under 40 – LDA, 2017
Best Newcomer in Lighting Design – PLDC 2017
1st prize in team competition: The Future of Urban Lighting – PLDC
Travelling and exploring the world of light

“If it’s your passion, if it makes your eyes shine brighter, if it makes your heart beat stronger, if you think you can do better… then go for it. Be out there and go for it, lighting is a beautiful profession and the lighting world needs us.”

Carlijn is also the WIL Ambassador in the Netherlands.

Some of Carlijn’s work:

Zeist, MarktZeist, EmmapleinZoetermeer, StadhuispleinZoetermeer, StadhuispleinZoetermeer, arcadeZoetermeer, Cadenza OostwaartsZoetermeer, Cadenza bike

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