Clerkenwell Design Week

23 May 2024 — 23 May 2024 // Events

23 May 2024 — 23 May 2024

darc magazine presents... Women's groups, why do we need them? 

Representatives from Women in Lighting, Women in Office Design, Women Lighting Professionals, Women in Architecture, and the Women in Furniture Network take to the stage to present why there is a need for such groups within industry, while outlining their objectives for 2024. The presentations will be followed by an informal networking brunch for Clerkenwell Design Week visitors to expand their networks, find out more about these exciting initiatives, and how they can get involved.

Speakers: WiL Carmela Dagnello, Ridge and Partners; WOD Harsha Kotak; WLP Kimberley Bartlett, Introba; WIA Rachael Davidson, Hut Architecture; WFN Zoe Bonser


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