[d]arcroom 2019 panel: Stepping out of the Shadows

19 Sep 2019 // Events

19 Sep 2019

Hosts: Katia Kolovea, Urban Electric; Greta Smetoniute, Michael Grubb Studio

Guests: Sandra Brookes, Lighting Design International; Neil Knowles, Elektra Lighting; Aiman Shah, Isometrix; Paulina Villalobos, DIAV / NocheZero; Jess Gallacher, Institution of Lighting Professionals; Emilio Hernandez, Nulty

The Women in Lighting project invited [d]arcroom 2019 visitors to participate in a fun and open discussion about gender stereotypes in the Lighting industry and beyond. A diverse panel of designers shared their journey within the industry and how their career has been affected based on who they are or where they came from. The aim was to open up conversations between the panelists and the audience and to vocalize the issues and concerns shared globally by Women In Lighting. The panel also discusses how these issues could be resolved if we all came together.

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