Ambassador in Sweden

Caroline Zima

Caroline Zima
Being a lighting designer is a challenge; every day we seek recognition for this important work that is so often overlooked. Yet we persist. Not only because bringing light to the world is our passion; but because we believe in making a difference. Being a woman in this field doesn't make it any easier. Not only do we seek fair recognition for our work but also the possibility to contribute to real change.

Despite the fact that lighting has no gender and the end product serve men and women equally, there is also no question that women today still face more obstacles than men. It’s in all our best interest to seek to identify and abolish inequalities where we find them and encourage women to strive regardless.

Sometimes following your passion isn’t easy. Neither is breaking norms. But by gathering all women around the world I believe that we can build bridges and strengthen not only our voices but future designers to come. If women strive then we all thrive.
Light in Native Language: #Ljus
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