Ambassador in UAE

Sakina Dugawalla-Moeller

Sakina Dugawalla-Moeller

Fact One: after 7 years working in the Middle East, Light.Func is the first homegrown independent lighting design studio to have been founded by a woman. The same is true for the Tanzanian branch. Fact Two: There are only 2 women lighting designers that exist in Tanzania. A Middle Eastern reality: Though lighting is seen to be both creative and technical, it is common for the industry to be dominated by men. This is a culmination of the Middle East’s construction sector predominantly being made up of men, specifically due to the harsh & fast-paced environment that the region is known for – project timelines are quite short and expectations very high. In the decade’s worth of experience in the Middle East, the ratio of women lighting designers is growing, with each independent lighting design studio employing at least one Associate Lighting Designer.

Light in Native Language: #NOOR
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