Live Light Podcast

17 Jun 2023 // Activities

Live Light Podcast

The Live Light Podcast is brought to you by two curious minds in the lighting design field Maryam Aghajani and Dana Moazenie. The primary aim of this podcast is to have an open conversation with fellow lighties and discuss the dark spots within this field. Our focus is to give voice to your point of view in hopes of finding solutions to improve our sometimes not-so-sensitive community. In addition, we are eager to explore new trends in technology, thoughts, and disciplines via our conversations with creative minds in our field and from a broader circle.

We are Maryam Aghajani and Marzie ( Dana ) Moazenie. We are curious souls and lighting designers by profession.

I, Maryam, started my journey as a young lighting designer in Canada and found my way through studies and my career to Berlin, Germany where I now work as a lighting designer. I’ve tipped my toes in many different pools in lighting from expressing my passion through light art installations, my eagerness for research through presenting at conferences and live seminars, and examining my sense of curiosity through participating in competitions and successfully completing them.

I, Dana, started my career as an architect and later on specialized in architectural lighting design, and ever since I’ve been a lighting designer. My journey brought me from Tehran to Wismar, Munich, and Berlin and allowed me to collaborate with other professionals from different backgrounds on various projects. I’m keen on inspecting the world from different angles. In my work and daily life, I like to draw inspiration from a wide range of subjects: science to art, literature to music, and philosophy to social science.

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