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4 Feb 2023 // R.A.W

R.A.W Carlotta Premazzi

Continuing with the search for new art forms related to light and illumination, it is impossible in recent years not to talk about (or become part of) the blockchain.

The very nature of the luminous stimulus, ephemeral but necessary, lends itself perfectly to the new technological world by dressing up with new possibilities and functions, as well as prompting us to get out of the way we look at technological evolution.
In the age of circular economy and sustainability, decentralization is the polar opposite of the trend and, as always, light acts as a wonderful link between the two poles.

Carlotta Premazzi, who interacts and expresses herself with the luminous medium in a multipurpose way, is an example for those who want to make the visual stimulus evolve into a real aesthetic experience of the metaverse.

Directly from a background of classical studies, while drawing and painting, Carlotta Premazzi reflects on her past, present and future, while stressing on the importance of lighting.This is the story of an evolving artist.

“I see light as an element being physical like earth and hot like fire, even better, I see it as the quintessence by which other elements come to life”

The democratization of biomedical tools/devices that are non-invasive, user-friendly and easy to transform into input for multimedia creation, has also aroused the interest of the world of art and design.

Carlotta embraces this versatility right from the start. She studies industrial architectural design, she holds a master's degree in architecture and public space, to which she is adding an ongoing master's degree in new technologies of art. Carlotta expands her world with a strong passion for technology, the art forms that derive from it and, above all, the related human behaviors, perceptions and reactions to the external and internal world.

Compota, Sentidos Ilimitados. Photo by Luís Conde

Interactivity as a form of unconscious communication and bearer of otherwise "incommunicable" messages, combines it with digital programming without ever limiting herself to that.

Insomnio, Teatro do Mar. Photo by Rui Pedro Oliveira / Sand Wings, Teatro do Mar. Photo by Dina Rito

The interest in the subconscious and, above all, the transience of the artistic medium, mean that soon his activity manifests itself mainly with video art, always continuing to unite several worlds in one.

Memento Somnia. Photo by Maria Borges

Memento Somnia. Personal archive

“The light design and video-mapping are the second covering, like a  second skin, to an alternative and changeable reality”

One example is the homogametic work, where poems by Portuguese female poets were presented to portray female expression across certain eras. Carlotta contributes projections of her to subliminally show the place of women in society.

Homogametico, Lisbon. Photo by Tito Teixeira

Since 2018, a further evolution and experimentation of the luminous medium arrives with the Lucid Dream project, using an eeg sensor as the main input for audiovisual creation in real time.  This interactive audiovisual performance tries to analyze what happens when the brain enters a meditative and creative state and shows this transformation process through video and sound; the performer's brainwaves are the values ​​that determine and generate video and sound in real time.

Lucid Dream, Boom Festival. Photo by Gill Einhorn

In this form we cannot create a completely unconscious improvisation of what we feel.

The artist, just like in a traditional work, acts as a filter of the aesthetic experience, but in this case it is the biological data that suggest our psychophysical state that is the source of inspiration.

It might seem that in this way the artist ceases to play a role in the brilliance of the work itself. What really happens is being able to give voice to our unconscious, multiplying what we otherwise wouldn't see, trying to find a new form of empathic communication with the public.

Light, in this way, comes to express itself in its purest essence: intangible, but revealing of our permeability with the world.

Lucid Dream, Further Lisbon Design Hotel. Photo by Sanda Vuckovic

Since 2022 Carlotta has dedicated herself to this project trying to deepen all the theory relating to the field of neural interfaces linked to artistic practice, as well as a process of humanization of the work in her aesthetic judgment. This is possible thanks to the feedback from the public and the repeated execution, both fundamental for the perception of the performance and the nature of the message to be conveyed.

Hence the interest in “the decentralized art sphere” and metaverse exhibits via BioNFT (non-fungible token), recorded with performances, which include full audio-visual recordings and biometrics data files. Together with Mulabs, she started to generate BioNFT with the brain data and translated into a point cloud avatar reacting to the emotional engagement of the recorded person.

Lucid Dream BioNFT Cover

The permeability of the human being described by his own invisible characteristics. Here's what Carlotta "shines a light on" with her amazing art.

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