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These mini interviews were a snapshot in time: APRIL - JUNE 2020. They tried to capture a small part of the Covid experience from WIL supporters all over the world. We know that the Covid Crisis is not over but many countries have emerged from lockdown and are entering a new period so we are closing submissions. It was uplifting and inspiring to hear your voices from all over the world and good to know that we were and still are, all in it together. Thank you for sharing.

You can still listen to the uplifting and eclectic playlist generated by the participants.

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Sarah Cullen

Insta - @sez_cullen

Sarah Cullen

9 June 2020

Manchester, UK

Madame Ghandi - Bad Habits

What do you miss the most?
Family, friends and freedom.
It's my mum's birthday today and a zoom call just doesn't quite cut it - I want to head home and give her a big squeeze and eat lots of cake together!
What are you most thankful for?
A safe roof over my head, companionship with my boyfriend and cat, face timing with my family and being comfortable in my own space - I've always enjoyed reading or binging something on netflix alone, so I'm grateful for my introvert-side blossoming during lockdown.
What’s for lunch?
Left over pizza from dinner last night! 2 slices of sundried tomato margarita and 1 slice of salami, nduja and pearl peppers. With money being slightly tighter these last few months, we aren't getting takeaway delivered, so have found a whole new joy in buying the 'posh' pizzas from the supermarket as a treat to have on a Monday night while doing a virtual pub quiz with our friends. Monday nights are the new Friday nights!

“We’re all under the same sky and walk the same earth; we’re alive together during the same moment.”

Maxine Hong Kingston, ‘The Woman Warrior’


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