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2021 WIL Activities

10 June 2021 // Activities

2021 WIL Activities

How Very Queer: LGBTQ+ Identities in the Lighting Industry

June 17th 5pm BST

Hosted by USA WIL ambassador Francesca Bastianini with panellists Alana Shepherd, Sophie O'Rourke and Marien Velez (new WIL ambassador - Puerto Rico and Caribbean) in conjunction with WIL partners WILD and NACLIQ. Registration info here.

As we enter International Pride month, we want to take time to acknowledge the role and experience of Queer/LGTBQ+ identities within the lighting industry. Panelists will share from their experience but we will also provide some background and definitions for those who are curious to better understand their siblings under the Women in Lighting umbrella. We welcome participants to submit questions before the panel so that they can be reviewed and answered, but will also have time to answer questions at the end of the session. 


Can our work culture coexist with our wellbeing?

June 22nd 2pm BST 

New WIL partner Designers Mind is hosting a conversation with Women in Lighting about the work culture in our industry and the impact it has on our wellbeing. Join Kaye Preston, Kael Gillam and Martina Frattura (R.A.W blogger) here.

Eliza Van Cort – A Woman's Guide to Claiming Space

June 30th 6.30 BST

hosted by UK WIL ambassador Carmela Dagnello. This one wonÆt be recorded or re-shared so you need to join live...  Registration info to come.

Past events


The WIL Awards 2021

10 June 2021, 1pm BST

We celebrate the WIL Award recipients with an online event – watch live and share your comments on YouTube.

Watch Recording

WIL Global Gathering

8 March 2021

The Global Gathering event is an online event to celebrate International Women’s Day, the 2nd anniversary of the project and to connect our growing network and community together.  All are welcome.



Light on the brain: the science of light and learning in lock-down

28 January 2021, 12 noon GMT

Women in Lighting are proud to host Dr Shelley James on her mission to share the latest research and, more importantly, practical solutions, so that you can stop your lighting harming your kids - and help them to learn at home. Dr Shelley James has a PhD from the Royal College of Art and is an international expert on light and well-being. She recently appeared on the award-winning BBC series Innovations that Changed the World and on the webinar series the Neuroscience of Light.

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